Alcohol as the drug of choice in America.

It has been almost two years since I have had any alcohol. Our home has been a lot calmer since my wife and I stopped drinking. I personally have had a problem with it my entire adult life and before. It was accepted and still is in the small town where I grew up. Alcohol permeates everything like it does in our society now. The longer that I stay away from it the more aware that I am that it is everywhere. Television, newspapers, the internet, magazines. Everywhere.

I am not a sanctimonious ex-drinker. I accept that everyone has the right to put into their bodies whatever they want to. My concern lies in the fact that  it is so prevalent and has been for way longer that I have been on this planet that it is now normal. Leaving alcohol was one of the best things that I have done for myself and my family. They may not realize it but I do and that is what is most important to me. It is one of the ways I am being different, not so much to be unique for I am aware that a lot of people don’t drink for various reasons, but for me it is a keen awareness that it could ruin my life and has caused me more pain in the past than brought me any good. Alcohol is just a state changer, meaning that it makes you feel different. People have always wanted to change the way they feel, alcohol is just a fast and easy way to get there.

The harder path is to find a way to change your state by finding other ways that that do not poison your body. I have found that computers, music, exercise and spending time with my wife are just some of the ways that change my state for the better. What healthy ways do you use to change the way you feel? Enjoy the holiday today and…

Happy Thanksgiving.




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