Black Friday

This year due to financial concerns my wife and I decided to opt out of black friday. In fact we opted out of buying any Christmas presents at all. So what did we do this morning? Slept in. That is right. Boycotting the consumer feeding frenzy known as Black Friday was glorious this year. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to not participate in the nonsense known in America as the holiday season. I hated it as a kid when we had to go over to my dad’s house and open up one present at a time and publicly thank whomever it came from.

That always made me feel uncomfortable and weird. I appreciated getting stuff as a kid but it was strange all the same. My mom being a Jehovah’s Witness would not allow my brother and I to celebrate any holiday’s and so the whole thing got messed up in my head I guess.

I am not blaming my mother for her beliefs as she is entitled to them and welcome to think whatever she wants. But I think maybe it left a bit of a strange scar on me. Now that I am an adult and I have a different perspective on the whole holiday thing…

I don’t like it for my own reasons. Why do we need a season or a special day to be kind to others? Why can’t we just show the people that we love and care for that we love and care for them all of the time? I will answer my own question here. The reason is commercialism. The insane need that American’s have to buy more stuff. Stuff that they generally don’t need or will put them farther into debt.

It is a sad situation, we need capitalism as I think that it is a superior system of commerce, but on the other hand if not used right it can destroy the very nations and people that support it. So as we end yet another Thanksgiving and go forth toward Christmas, we get to set back, hold on to our cash and relax while the hoard of zombie like shoppers…spend and spend and spend.


One thought on “Black Friday

  1. Know what I did on this past blackest of Fridays? I stayed home just like you did. I am entirely in agreement with you re: the feeding frenzy. It’s a soul killer.

    The best of what we have we can find within.

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