As I sit here with my dog, I have been thinking about appreciation. My last post was about Black Friday and the overwhelming need that people seem to have to buy things. I have been thinking about all of the riches that I have in my life, not only things but people and circumstances that make up my life.

Some of these to name a few are my wife, kids, job, our home etc. I have been working on the concept of just being thankful for what I/we have. It is a simple concept. So many people now think that you need to constantly buy things to be happy. Why not just try your best to be happy?

In this country we are all rich, we just take so many things for granted that we don’t feel that way. We have public libraries, nice roads and highways to drive on, public services like fire and police that we only pay a very small percentage of with our taxes. I am sure that if you thought it about it yourself for a short period of time you would come up with yet more to add to my short list.

We are rich!! I appreciate all of the wonderful things and people in my life. The next time that you feel poorly not only about yourself or your financial situation as so many are right now, just make a small list either on paper or in your head of those things that you have in your life to appreciate. I guarantee you that it will make you feel better.


3 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. It’s the little things that can bring such appreciation…fresh basil in your eggs, hot water and wonderful smelling soap. What a wonderful blog you have here 🙂 makes me think.

    1. Or a wonderful wife who gets up to make me fresh juice. Thank you!! Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate you very much!!

  2. Again, the best things in life are…what? We’ve heard it so much it’s cliche. Still true and always will be.

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