The long drive

As I have mentioned in previous posts my commute is a lengthy one. In fact it is just short of 100 miles. This could be a large chunk of my day that is unproductive, however over the years I have found ways to keep my sanity. I listen to music mostly while observing the drivers around me. Let’s just say that awareness is not on the mind of most drivers. I also have listened to books on CD, the radio of course and some days I just think.

After driving the same route for years there is a part of me that could probably do it blindfolded and that allows me to ponder my life, what is going on with work, my kids or a thousand other things. Commuting has some up sides to it. I like to be alone so being in the truck by myself for extended periods twice a day is ideal for me.

I will admit that it gets to me at times and I just don’t want to do it anymore, but really I think I might miss it if I had to give it up now. So many miles, so many sunsets and sunrises all of the weather conditions except maybe a tornado that I have seen. All different all unique. My commute has almost turned into a living thing with the color commentary from the traffic guys on the radio talking about how the miles long trek is going at any one time. People with coffee in hand or a cellphone and coffee in each hand, I feel like I have seen it all. Just when I do I get surprised and find that one of my fellow commuters has done something really stupid and is on the side of the road with a busted up car or cars talking to the state patrol. Not a good way to start or end your day. Not my idea of fun anyway.


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