Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 48 years old. As I get older I really find myself thinking that I really don’t care much anymore about it. My close family get all excited about my birthday but I really just can’t seem to work up any enthusiasm.

I guess I am just realizing that I am getting comfortable in my own skin and that I am needing less and less recognition from others. Does that make me a bad person? Nope just one that sees things differently.

I am really enjoyed having my birthday when I was younger and enjoyed my children’s birthday’s even more, but all that is past now and time marches on for everyone. That is a good thing, I appreciate and am grateful for everything and everyone in my life currently so I don’t feel like I am anymore important than any one else when it comes to this subject.

I am not downplaying my importance as a person, I feel like I am important and I do have a purpose in this universe. It is to take care of and serve others. I am aware that I am rambling a bit but who cares, it is my blog and tomorrow is my birthday.


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