Children (why and why not)

This morning I read a post by an old friend of mine on his blog about having or not having children (he doesn’t have any) and how and he was fine with that. It got me to thinking about my own children and how some people have them and others don’t.

Not having a horrible but not the best childhood either I really never wanted to have kids, but when my ex-wife became pregnant with our first child I knew it was a girl. I don’t know how I knew but I did. When it was time and we went and got an ultrasound, yep, a girl it was.

I digress…what got me to thinking about children and my friends post was this. I believe that some people were supposed to have children and some were not. I do not believe in random chance. Some things are supposed to happen or not for each indivdual. I am not discounting personal choices in one’s life here.

I think we live our lives, attract people, things and circumstances into our existence through our thoughts first and foremost. I believe that we live in an energetic universe just as the ancient hermetics did. Everything is moving and everything on a base level is made of energy.

Thoughts (which are electrical energy in our brains) put into motion choices, which put into motion actions and then circumstances. Some people don’t ever put out the attracting energy to have children so they don’t.

My kids have taught me two things in life. To love unconditionally no matter what, and to be selfless. I struggle with both and I can say for all the grief that they have given me they have given me just as much love and my existence would be much poorer for not having them in my life.

Thank you for coming into my life, I love you both very much.



One thought on “Children (why and why not)

  1. We are here to be who we are with or without children. I had children and yes I love them but I for one would have done things differently if I had to do it over again. I would still have kids but live a little before having babies.

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