Yesterday my brother called me. He asked me if I had ever heard of a certain piece of software (that shall remain nameless). What this software does is this, you speak to your computer and it types for you.

At first blush this might sound like a good idea to some but not to me. I actually enjoy the process of typing. I learned to type my junior year in high school. I can still remember the teachers name because at the time I hated her. Miss Foss. It was not her I hated so much it was typing that I hated and we were learning on electric typewriters back in 1980.

No computers or word processors for the students, no backspace key. All mistakes were plain to see and you had to fix them with whiteout ribbon. What I hated most about Ms. Foss was that she could type around 100 words per minute with virtually no mistakes. She was a machine when she typed. I wished I could do that.

After learning how to type I did not do so again until 1998 when I was introduced through work to regular computer work. I was surprised just how fast it came back to me. I now enjoy typing as I have been doing for years now, I don’t type 100 words per minute but I type far faster than most people.

The thought of talking to my computer instead of interfacing with it directly just does not appeal to me.


One thought on “Typing

  1. I remember Mrs. Foss, or Ms. Fauss, or whatever her name was. I think she especially enjoyed tormenting the young males in her class by leaning over them and pressing her endowments into their backs. I’m glad for what I learned, however. I’ve been typing well ever since.

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