My not so small Apple obsession

I have been heavy into computers since I could get my hands on one. Spending countless hours learning, tweaking and building Windows based computers. Last year at our company xmas party I won an Apple iPod Touch.

I would have not ever have thought that an innocent event could have had such far reaching consequences. I had a couple of click wheel iPods before receiving the Touch os I did not think much more about it but the more that I used it, the more I wanted to use it. I almost stopped using my Windows computers entirely.

Then it happened I decided to get an iPhone. To this day several months later I hardly set the thing down. I use it to read books, surf the internet and pay bills and interact with all of my ‘cloud’ accounts.

Proceeding from there was the new MacBook. Now my very functional Windows computers get almost no use at all. I am enjoying the new learning curve of the Mac OS X operating system just like I did when I was learning Windows 98 back in the day.

I use a very good Windows computer at work and not to brag I have probably forgotten more about Windows, that most people outside of a network admin will ever know about the system.

To be honest I was getting bored with the whole Windows world anyway and just about the time that I was wondering where to go from there….along came an iPod Touch to show me the way to a new world of wonder and computing fun.

I am now a die hard Apple fan. I am not however blind to the companies faults as only a fool would overlook blaring problems. Apple gear is well made and elegant to use and I enjoy the different mindset that it takes to use their computers and accessories. I guess that ends my discussion on Apple Computers….for now.


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