All war is deception. — Sun Tzu —

All war is deception. I most heartily agree with Sun Tzu on this. But in a way all of life is deception. We deceive ourselves and others every day. People have let themselves be fragmented by technology. We have the ability to travel around the world in a short amount of time. We send information to anywhere on Earth in a few seconds, we can adopt others ideas without any thought of what we think.

Not thinking for oneself is deception of the worst kind. At least once a week I like to turn off the radio, tv, internet, books…all of it and just sit and let my mind wander through the things that I have experienced and read. I find myself questioning it all at some point.

To me my opinion matters most. Not to say that I don’t value and listen to those closest to me, but what comes to my mind in this intuitive state seems to be right for me most of the time. Listening to ones own thoughts without interruption or judgment is a skill learned over time and with some patience.

Stillness in our society is getting to be a lost art. I see so many teenagers now that seem to be jacked in to their phones, looking at a text or surfing the internet etc, not experiencing but deceiving themselves that they are living. I think that people younger than myself never developed the ability to ‘turn off the gadgets’. I personally have the ability to be able to walk in both worlds and succeed at both.

I feel a bit sorry for them, they don’t know what they are missing, but as times change, people and society changes. Were will it lead next? I am not able to answer my own question as I am no Nostradamus. But there are inevitable truths as a friend of mine is fond of saying and one of them is the human predilection for self deception along with ignoring your fellow man and his suffering.


One thought on “All war is deception. — Sun Tzu —

  1. We often see only what we wish to see, not what’s really there. We are completists, always looking for answers, always filling in so we can get the the all-important end.

    You are correct in that the worst we can do is to let others do our thinking for us.

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