Happy New Year!!

At the time of this writing my beautiful wife and I and our puppy Pogo are at home. Safe from the crowds, drinking and general stupidity that is New Years. 2010 has been a challenging year for a lot of people and we are among those as well. Yet I know that we will be fine, even more than that we will prosper and live well despite what challenges that we face.

So many people give up and look for answers outside of themselves when faced with adversity. Your answers are within you, where they have always been. May this year be the one where you not only know this in your heart but internalize it in a concrete way through actions that will bring you prosperity.

Relax, play, love, appreciate and be grateful for all that you have and those that love you and you love. Thank you my dear wife, Ken, Chris, DC, Mom and Dad and my kids and step kids and last but not least Pogo. You all have taught me lessons that make me who I am now…in this moment in time.

Now on to a new year with new adventures, be safe and be well. Happy 2011!!!!





One thought on “Happy New Year!!

  1. It was a challenging year for me as well. Welcome to the new year, where fresh challenges await. May your year be better than ever.

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