Lessons learned/re-learned from my dog.

A few months ago my wife and I decided to get a dog. It is not a decision that we took lightly. We talked and debated more times than I can count about the merits and problems of getting an animal.

So after much of this we took the plunge and went to a local event that had many of the states animal shelters bring in their animals to adopt. As luck would have it we looked at the dog we decided on first. We put him back in the cage and then looked at all of the other animals and then came back and picked him.

Or I should say and am fond of teasing my wife with the fact that he picked us. I digress…

To say that the first month was a hard one would be an understatement. Pogo almost died after we got him (allergic reaction to rabies shot) potty training of a mix of two stubborn breeds, much money spent, lots of trips out to the yard to pee at night, etc.

But as it turns out we would not trade him for the world. He has helped me re-learn a level of patience for small creatures (used to be my small kids). His quirks like wanting to drink water out of shower, jump on top of you when you are laying on the couch and always wanting you to play have brought so much joy into our home.

My ex-wife and I had a dog and I had forgotten how much I really enjoy an animals company. There is nothing like petting an animal to bring down your blood pressure and changing your state of mind when you are in a bad mood, when they want to play tug of war. He is in a blissful state of not knowing anything about what stresses people but he is good medicine for it!

Pogo knows nothing but joy, love and acceptance. He is teaching me to smile again, to find joy and happiness in small things. The kind of things that really matter.

Thanks little man. Now let’s go play!!

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