Life is good.

Life is good in so many ways. We forget that all of the time as we go through our lives not even considering how short our time on this planet really is. In my not so humble opinion, thoughtless living is a crime.

As you read this I would like you to consider just how many of your days that you have wasted. Wasted on the TV, alcohol the internet etc. I am not for one minute saying that I have not been guilty of all of those things and more. Hell I am typing this post on my iPhone!!

Conscience living takes effort and awareness to accomplish. Take some time out of each and every day to quiet your mind and breath, just follow your breath in and out. You can do this while walking or sitting still.

The goal here is to create a serene state of mind and to relax and be  mindful, nothing more nothing less. After a few minutes of this reach out to whatever deity that you may happen to follow or if not just reach out your awareness and listen to what the Universe has for you that day.

Be free and easy with yourself, this edification is supposed to be relaxing, fun and enlightening. Self awareness is a harder practice than not listening to your body and Spirit.


Listen to the flow of time and space. Listen to the call of your own heart, listen to the sound of the wind on a winters night. Love yourself and others equally to bring peace into the world.

Sleep well in the womb of darkness from which you came. The evening of your life will be upon you soon enough, so awaken from your foggy stupor and start enjoying your life now. Come to the end of your days with no regrets and just be happy that you remember who you are.


To the few readers I have I apologize for not posting more often I have been working an other blog about the law of attraction.

If you are interested check it out at

Have a wonderful and aware day.


2 thoughts on “Life is good.

  1. Good post. My goal is to always take the time to be aware of beauty in all its forms. It’s around us every day; all we need to do is avail ourselves of it.

  2. Thank you. Beauty is all around us but a good portion of the population is too busy with what is right in front of their faces to even notice. It makes me sad. But it is funny to watch teenagers run into poles, cars etc when they are texting… 😉

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