The calm before the storm

Oh but yet another quiet Sunday morning. Everyone but Pogo and I are asleep still. A perfect time to write. Today will be busy with housework type chores, lunch and dinner and so forth. I am hoping to get some reading in today. I found a book that I had been wanting to read. It is ‘Getting into the gap” by Wayne Dyer. It is about meditation using sound. My wife and I have done some of this type of meditation before and there is a lot of benefits to this type of practice.

It is an active meditation that involves focusing your mind. A good one to be sure. I have been feeling a pull to find peace in my own existence as it is now. Of course as humans we never seem to be happy with our ‘situation’ and the grass is always greener etc… Right now I would be very happy to have peace in this time and place and not be concerned with external circumstances, to live in the ‘now’, that is what meditation does for you among many others, is to teach you to be present.

No future, no past just right now. I have come to realize that writing is kind of a meditation in itself, if you just do a ‘brain dump’ and start writing and let it flow, you realize that you are not thinking about anything other than what you are writing. Ahhh… yet another realization for me to ponder. Take some time today for yourself, to read, write something (anything) breath and pet your animal if you have one, be present like they are. Animals are not worried about the future, the past or anything all they want is our love and attention. We have much to learn from them.

Pogo just jumped up on my lap for me to take my own advice here so I will.

Be well and enjoy your Sunday.


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