Negativity as a conditioned response

I have often wondered why so many people live in a negative space. So many people are just plain rude anymore. Why is that? I have a theory that might explain some of the behavior that I see from people in my daily travels. I believe that technology has something to do with this. There is isolation in our modern world, we are in cars, use computers and the internet and that faceless interaction with others can tend to make the some just plain rude.

Negativity is also an easy mind set to fall into. Look at the rates of drugs, alcohol, violence in this country if you don’t believe me. Negativity is a conditioned response brought on by the non-thinking among us. It takes some attention to your inner state to spot when you are becoming negative. You need to listen to the words you use, the thoughts you think and how you spread your emotions to others.

It is far too easy to become negative. But there is hope here reader. Being positive is no more difficult than being negative, you can turn things around for yourself. All it takes is a little awareness of your circumstances in life. At first you will like to monitor what you say, think and feel. After a few days or weeks if you are really needing a turnaround, you should easily fall into a state of happy positiveness.

Please try to remember that negativity on it’s own is not necessarily a bad thing. Positive and negative are both half’s of a perfect circle of existence here in this space-time that we live in. If we did not have light we could not have darkness, I think you get the picture.

The next time you find yourself getting a bit on the negative side of life, take a minute to breath deep, roll your eyes (a warrior’s trick) as you look up and find the calm peace of mind that you need to analyze why you are seeing the given situation the way you are. I think that you will discover that small pause in your thinking, with some practice will help you to step out of your headlong rush into a negative mental space.


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