Being patient with yourself and others

Sometimes in life we need to be patient. The times that we do need this skill is most likely when we feel the need to “want it now”! The spiritual path is no different. Patience with your self and the process is essential to growing as a person and raising your vibrational level. Taking responsibility for  your actions, learning how to wait, keeping your goal in mind as you manifest.

Being patient requires you to also not be attached to an outcome. State your wishes and desires to the universe then let it go and ‘know’ that what you want is on the way without any striving after timing or circumstances. Patience can be learned from anyone or circumstances as well.

Some of the best teachers in patience that I have ever had are those people who drive me crazy. Children usually fit into this category. When I had kids I learned a whole new level of patience that I did not know that I possessed.

When you come a across those in life that really stretch your patience look on them as teachers, because that is what they are. They are making you look at yourself, something that requires awareness. In that awareness of your own words, thoughts and behavior is where true patience is found.

Another saving grace of growing older is that you develop patience as a natural course of time and experience. I now am getting a glimpse of that gleam in an older persons eyes when they have seen me being impatient when I was younger. I am starting to understand their point of view and see a bit through a new set of eyes.

Patience is not always easy but it is worth it. I would rather learn and experience it now while I am not even middle age (going for 100+). The road to experience comes with interacting with those that would teach you if you are willing to listen to what they have to say, listen to yourself and be able change your opinion when needed.




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