Sleep is a funny thing. Not enough and you are tired, too much and you are tired. Finding a balance, hard sometimes.

I have been improving my nutrition with the help of my wife and have also decided recently to quit caffeine. After the headaches went away, I am finding my way though an interesting cycle of tiredness and wakefulness that was not apparent to me before while using caffeine.
I am not going to criticize anyone for using this substance here, just give you some observations. As we all know there are certain things that we need for life, food, water, shelter, an internet connection–just kidding on the last one.
Caffeine and Alcohol are two very commonly used substances that are not needed to live. Caffeine is a strange drug indeed. It wakes you up when you needed it, if enough is consumed it can even focus your mind better for tasks that that require concentration. But it also has a downside as well.
Caffeine builds tolerance as most other drugs do and requires a daily dose or if you use a lot of it more doses to keep you feeling alert and functional. There lies my personal problem (yes mine not necessarily yours) having to use a substance to feel like you can function in my opinion is just addiction plain and simple.
I tired of being an addict to be perfectly honest. Giving it up is not the easiest thing to do, even though my headaches are gone I find myself wanting to reach for something hot to get that spark in the morning. Habit I guess.
So now my experiment is expanding into the territory of relearning how to sleep properly. I think sleeping is a lost art in this day and age and I am determined to re-discover how it is done. We all come into this world knowing how to sleep and it is easy and seamless to our existence as children. What happened? Too much life, things moving too fast, what?
I am not sure yet but I am determined to find out, and get more sleep. I have a good teacher on this subject Pogo our dog. Geez, more lessons that he has for me.
Sleep well!

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