Being right or being kind

When you have a choice to be right or be kind, be kind. – Wayne Dyer.

In our competitive world we as a society seem to have this insane need to be number one. We drill it into our children from the time that they can understand the concept. Through sports, school and other types of activities,we teach them that being number is the most important thing that there is.

I am not opposed to competition, if fact I think that it is healthy to have competitive activities in life to help us to grow as people. But when the focus is predominately on winning now matter what, it breeds an attitude of having to be right.This kind of thinking in my opinion seems to turn out people that have forgotten how to be kind.

For instance, the divorce rate in this country alone it is over 50%. The concept of setting your ego aside for the sake of your spouse/best friend and choosing to be kind instead of right would save a lot of those marriages from failure.Having to be #1 at all cost is conflict. It is the opposite of peace.

There is a time and a place for showing your knowledge and having your turn to speak, but it is not every time that you speak. How often have you absolutely known in your heart that you were right about something and you just had to make your point? Many times I would guess.

The next time that you have an opportunity to make your point, try something a bit different. Stop yourself and think if I were to set aside my ego right now and let the other person have their say, or to forgive an attitude they may have, what would be the result?I will tell you what the result would be…peace.

Peace in your heart, peace in your home and peace with the other person. Don’t think that I am not advocating being somebody’s door mat here. There is enough turmoil on this planet. Why would you want to add to it? Enough already! Seek peace by being kind, to yourself first and then others. Seek peace in your own heart and mind and let it spread.

That is how peace is going to grow in our world, one person at a time.Try it if you don’t believe me. Try your own experiment and discover the lack of conflict that it produces when you don’t have to be right. It is truly easier to be kind than being right. It takes so much less effort. Don’t let others walk on you, but don’t put up your mental fist at the outset of a perceived argument either.


Have a great day!JP



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