Be Extraordinary

As I awoke early this morning the thought occurred to me about being extraordinary. Normally when one thinks of this you might envision a superhero or someone who has done well in education, business etc. It may be even simpler than that.
I thought how can I be extraordinary? Then it came to me, by being of service to someone else and some random acts of kindness thrown in for some spice. I then thought of all the things that I do for others and don’t expect anything in return. Just to be kind. I guess that I am already extraordinary then!
Being of service to your spouse, children, friends, siblings, you get the picture… is a higher calling. Think of those that are service to you and how they make your life easier or more colorful and enriching. How does that make you feel when someone does something nice for you just because? Pretty good I suspect.
Today, find someone to serve, do something nice for them and say nothing, just do it and then expect nothing in return. We touch those around us in many ways, usually unknowingly, so today touch people around you in a positive way and do it on purpose.
Like a pebble dropped in a calm body of water we make ripples in other’s lives by our actions. Make all the ripples good ones. When we leave this physical existence how we made other’s feel is the most enduring thing we can do. It is how we will be remembered by those we leave behind.
Be extraordinary in someone’s life today. Leave positivity in your wake. Be at peace with all those around you. Serve.

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