The situation in Egypt.

As the days roll by and violence in Eygpt unfolds, I find myself wondering where this is all going. Instead of being bothered by what is going on there, I am actually encouraged. I am encouraged because I am looking past the death and destruction and seeing a paradigm shift.

There have been many paradigm shifts in human history, the American and French revolutions, world wars, but also quieter shifts through people like Ghandi and Mother Theresa. People who understood that there was another way, a way we could all follow and harm no one.

It seems that fast shifts come violently and the slower ones come with quiet exceptance of new thinking. Look at smoking in this country. Are you old enough to remember when it was not only acceptable but not even noticed when you could smoke on a plane, train, restraunts, bars and other such places? Now it is not. That is an example of a slow paradigm shift.

Wars are an example of a faster and definitely more violent shifts in the accepted paradigm. It leads me to wonder as I write this, is war a needed thing for humanity to grow into a calmer and more mature species? Will we someday outgrow the need to kill our fellow man/woman or child?

Or will the world continue to change through slow steady shifts in conscienceness? For now I would say both. People are changing, the Earth is changing, your fellow man wants peace more than war.

Peace comes into the world one person at a time. Be that peacemaker. You don’t have to be a Nelson Mandela or a Ghandi to bring peace. We can collectively shift the present acceptable paradigms of the world, one person at a time.

Support those around you that want peace, to those who don’t, well wish them no hostility and grant them the space to be who they are. They will change or they won’t. Some are not destined to see or feel the changes that are happening to us all. Some will never understand and that is the way of things. Seek peace in your life. Breath in the morning air and be thankful for another day on the beautiful planet we live on. Take care of her and yourself as much as possible.

Give thanks for all of your abundance and share with those less fortunate than yourself.

Be the change you want to see in the world–Ghandi.


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