Problem solving

Einstein I think said it best, “problems can not be solved by the same level of thinking the created them”. How many times in life do we run into problems created by circumstance of our own doing?

All the time, right? Yes sir, well I do anyway… How many times do we try to solve the problems that we have with the same level of thinking that made the problems in the first place?

People will shift the blame to others if they can instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Very few people as a normal action will say to themselves, “maybe I was wrong”. Today I challenge you to start to think in a new way. When a problem or worry presents itself in your life (and you can guarantee that it will) stop for a minute and think about how you can change your thinking. How can you solve this problem differently or accept responsibility for the circumstance?

A bit different mindset is needed here to do this, it takes awareness of your individual thought processes and emotions. You can do it, it just takes a little bit of effort.

Take a stab at it. You all are smart people, like the Apple advertisements say…Think Different.



One thought on “Problem solving

  1. I have an old “Think Different” Apple ad I tore from a magazine some time ago that features the late physicist Richard Feynman. It’s one of the my more treasured pieces.

    For a long time I thought (as many do) that the slogan was ungrammatical, and that it should read “Think Differently.” But I see now that it’s the object of the verb that matters, and that Apple is telling us what to think and not how. So the slogan is correct after all. Figures, huh?

    Jim, I do enjoy your posts.

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