Violence against ourselves?

“For anyone to judge themselves in comparison to where they could be, another time, or another person is an act of of violence”-Simran Singh-

From the article “Beyond the illusion, Love is…”
11:11 Magazine November/December issue 2010.

How often have you found yourself judging? How often do you compare yourself to others? Quite often would be my guess. We all do it at some point. Some of us live in that distorted reality, looking at ads on television, magazines or the internet, quietly thinking to ourselves…I am not good enough.

I agree with the author of the quote above. This is truly an act of violence against ourselves and ultimately an an act of violence against others. How can we hope to grow as truly unique individuals if we are unkind to ourselves? What can you do to stop this mindset?

Love yourself first. Find things that you love about yourself, explore what makes you different from others and embrace that uniqueness. Be kind to yourself because no one is going to be as kind to you as you can be.

One of the ways that makes me feel lovable is how I am greeted everyday by my loving wife and excited dog when I come home from work.That love and affection makes me smile and reminds me daily that there are those that love me, they love me just the way that I am. Each one of us must find those reminders. If it is in nature, from those we share our lives with or just going within, to seek out our higher self.

It is up to everyone of us to overcome the violence of comparison. Be unique, find love in this world, be love.

Have a loving day!



One thought on “Violence against ourselves?

  1. Nice post. Through the years I could’ve saved my self a whole lot of trouble if only I’d loved myself enough to listen to myself and love myself first, instead of letting other people lead me by the nose.

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