Inspiration vs. Motivation

Lately I have been thinking about inspiration and what motivates people in general. The difference between inspiration and motivation is this.  Being inspired comes from inside, a true feeling of wanting to do something for yourself or others.  Motivation also can have these qualities but where the two part is outside influence. Motivation usually but not always has a component of fear.

This fear can be from what other people think of you or what you are doing, failure etc.  I for one would rather be inspired in my actions, knowing that I am in full control of how I think and feel. I may not always be in control of my environment or circumstances but I am always in control of me. Motivation seems like a “thing” that is imposed from the outside, a foreign concept being pushed into my life. To stay inspired takes effort, effort that I am not sure that most are willing to take. Taking those extra steps  is worth it in many ways.

When you are ahead of the power curve if you will, then you are in far better “control” of any outcome that you might imagine happening. Think ahead in other words. What inspires you? What motivates you? How are each of these things different for you? Are they the same in your mind?

Question everything, be a seeker, a scientist, a researcher a hacker. Never be satisfied with your life! Try something different, start a blog, paint a picture, learn a new skill. Being creative naturally brings about inspiration. Being inspired is then a joy! Being motivated generally never lasts because if feels like work.

Give it some thought.

Be well.




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