Everyday we go about our business, surrounded by this miraculous substance. It flows through our bodies in the form of blood, it is in the air we breath yet it goes mostly unnoticed unless maybe it is raining on our heads. Life as we understand it at this time cannot exist without it.

How often do you use water everyday? How much of it do you use? How much do you really think about it? Water is such an interesting substance, basically two atoms, Hydrogen and Oxygen yet it does wondrous things. It can be a liquid, solid or a gas. Changing forms and shapes but always being what it is…water.

Water is the most powerful substance in nature. It can make life possible, create great works of art like the Grand Canyon or it can destroy with floods. Most of the people of the Earth life close to the water and no wonder. The oceans of this planet are awe-inspiring, with different colors, temperatures and weather. No two days are ever alike around water.

Think of the journey that water makes, from the clouds, to the Earth soaking into the ground where it runs in underground rivers and reservoirs for millennia before making its way through the living things of this planet to yet again evaporate into the air and fall as rain again.

The next time that you have a glass of water do not take it for granted. Thank the water that you are drinking and wish it well on its journey that never ends. Water always moving, never at peace yet always at peace. Bruce Lee once said “Be like water”.

Flow through your life, like water finding your path with effortless perfection. Do not resist but glide with what is.

Drink up!




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