A walk in the sunshine

Today is a holiday from work. It seems like a good day to go out with my wife and puppy and take a walk in the sunshine. It is easy to forget just how important spending time with our loved ones is. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we get into a rut of doing the same things, commute, work, dinner’s, sleep then you do it all over again. Day after day the same routine.

How easy it is to forget to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the sunshine and slow down a little to see all of the wondrous things that are around us all of the time. During the winter here in the Pacific Northwest we usually don’t have a lot of sun in the winter. So today, a dog walking session and a quick trip to the store and the day spent with my lovely wife whom I love and adore.

Go out today if you can and enjoy the sun, breathe in the winter’s air. Remember yourself, your true inner being. Be happy!




2 thoughts on “A walk in the sunshine

  1. I agree that we get stuck in ruts. People need to remember that although you may not have the best paying job, the hottest car, the sunniest weather, etc, you still need to enjoy life. Life isn’t about existing or surviving. It’s about LIVING. Nice post.

    1. Thanks Brittny for your comment. It is easy for us to forget just how good we have it in the United States. We have free access to information through the libraries, good roads, freedom of speech etc. Have a wonderful day!

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