A broader perspective

I have been thinking the last few days about perspective. As individual humans we have a point of view, our own. It is limited by our senses and a level of awareness that we may or may not have. How then, do we  get a broader perspective? The kind of perspective that I am talking about goes far beyond watching the news and keeping up on current events.

The kind of  perspective I am speaking of is one of the heart. To be able to do this you need to look past your own prejudices, needs and hurts. Looking at the world through new eyes takes time and effort to pull off. Service to others is one way that gives me this point of view. It can be simple things like giving a co-worker some chocolate and watching their eyes light up in thanks. It could also be a something like volunteering at a local animal shelter, or about anything that you can think of to serve others.

Getting outside of our own skin is what I am trying to point out here. Doing something to leave your pain behind and make a difference in someone else’s life. To make someone happy for no reason at all. To expect nothing in return for your kindness.

This is where one of the places that true happiness lies. Peer out of your walls that you have built up over the years, you will be very surprised to see who is waiting for you. Go out and make someone happy today, just because you can.

Be well.





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