Energy, Greed and the future of man

I have been thinking a lot lately about the triple disaster that has fallen Japan and really the whole of humanity. Why is it that mankind seems to find the most destructive ways to power its civilization and technology? There are many brilliant people on this planet, can other methods be found? Am I being naive?

Personally I think that if you want to know the basis of anything that humans touch you must follow the money. Is technology that would be cleaner, cost-effective and less harmful being suppressed because the companies that would profit the least from these inventions keeping them secret? I have faith in humanity to have enough intelligence to build or do anything that it sets its collective mind to. Greed always seems to get in the way though.

Just suppose for a minute that money and profit was not an option. What do you think all of the brightest minds on earth could set their minds to and achieve? Clean energy, space travel, an end to hunger and war? Yes, all of these things and more could be done in a very short time.

Money is not the root of all that is evil, it is greed, power and domination that wealth in the wrong hands represents. When will mankind grow up and realize that we are hurting everything and everyone on this planet with our greed and lust for power? When will the violence against others for the sake of resources end? I am so saddened of late but the thoughts of humanity going on like this.I am so tired inside that sometimes I don’t want to go on.

Where is the hope? It resides in each and every one of us, untapped and unused. What will it take to finally end of all of this childish behavior we are expressing as a species? We are one people, not many races. It is time to grow up and provide for ourselves, to help each other and to set things like socialism, capitalism, fascism, communism and any other form of government aside that does not serve not only the best and brightest of us, but also the hurt and disenfranchised as well.

I hope to see a change in people in my lifetime. It will start with one person speaking out, calling into the darkness of the human collective soul, to scream ENOUGH!

Think for yourself, use your life in a new and different way, help others with no thought of profit or personal gain. Find a new path to peace, one that does not pollute, destroy or hurt others.



3 thoughts on “Energy, Greed and the future of man

  1. The one stand-out cause of the energy problem seems to be the one that most want to ignore: overpopulation. There are simply way too many people on this planet. And you know what? They all want their juice.

    I don’t see an end to any of it.

    As a species we are remarkably short-sighted.

  2. This reminds me of a documentary I watched, Who Killed the Electric Car? And the answer to the question presented in the title is oil companies, those who would profit least from electric cars, vehicles that would greatly reduce pollution. Thanks, oil companies.

    1. Thanks for the reply. It seems that the way things are going oil is going to have to go through the roof price wise before it becomes ‘cost effective’ for alternative uses of energy become possible.

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