As I read the news on the internet I am saddened by the fact that radiation is going to (and is ) poisoning us all. Radiation will circle the planet over and over until it is everywhere. A slow death for us all this is. No nuclear war this time, but a slow death through the food and water chains that we all depend on.

If this is not a wake up call then I don’t know what is. The whole Fukushima facility needs to have the treatment that they gave Chernobyl. Bury it forever. The problem is now the Japanese are dumping millions of gallons of radioactive water into the ocean. When is this going to end? When is enough, enough?

I feel angry that there is nothing that anyone one person can do and we cannot depend on our governments to do anything either. The all mighty dollar rules again. The easiest, most expedient answer is not always the right one for the collective good. I wish I knew what do. I wish I had an answer for the whole planet being poisoned. I am overwhelmed with a sense of hurt for what we have done and are doing to our Earth Mother. Every-time that I step out into the rain I wonder, am I being poisoned? Is this simple gift of nature being used to deliver more radiation than is normal to my body? Yes,it is.

I am trying to hold out hope for humanity, that we will stop destroying everything that we touch. We can only hope as a collective people that it is not too late.



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