How many time have I made a decision based on a misconception? Many times. It is easy for people to take in a small amount of information or interaction with people, even ones that we know or think we know well and without thinking make a determination without asking for clarification.

For some reason I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning. I make judgements about others all of the time and those judgements are probably based on either false or incomplete or misunderstood information. How sad is that? But just being aware of it makes a difference at least by my way of thinking.

In your interactions with others, take a minute to ask questions. Repeat back the words or concepts put forth by others to make sure that you understand the intent that person is trying to convey. This simple exercise will do two things, first it will slow down your immediate judgement process (one that is automatic for most…me included) second you should find that what you first thought is false.

Step outside of yourself, walk in others shoes and try to see others point’s of view. What can it hurt? What can you learn about other people and yourself? Why would you even want to try this?

We all live in a personal Universe of our making, tending to forget that others do the same and that Universe is different than ours. How can we make conscious contact with others let alone ourselves if we never step out and quiet our own internal talk?

In your dealings with co-workers, kids, parents even people that you might meet while buying groceries, ask for that persons cooperation in learning a new way of thinking. You can do this without anyone even knowing what you are doing. Just ask questions, yes even if you are ‘sure’ that you ‘know’ what is going on. Don’t assume anything and overcome misconceptions.

Grow as a person, change for the better and rise above petty, hurtful ways of thinking.

Be well.




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