Trip to Mt. Saint Helens

Well, that was fun he said as he  practically had to kick his stubborn mother out of the car so that he could park it in the lower lot. This was going to be an interesting day to say the least. It did turn out to be a fairly good day after the minor drama brought on by an aging mother. Lots of good pictures of the mountains and time spent with wife, son and mother. If you happened to read my last post about aging you might remember that I said that getting older did not necessarily mean you had to decline.

Decline of spirit, body and mind come from lack of use and movement. The willow does not become brittle because it moves with the  wind, it does not stubbornly fight the elements but works with them. When will people come to understand that we have fine examples all around us? Even the mountains do not stand tall, unmoving. Nothing is exempt from the role of  the movement and use, not even the Earth itself.

Look upon the aged, you will see some that are brittle and broken. You will see some that are spry and full of life, what is the difference between the two groups? I think again it is movement and use. Everything that moves last. Things that don’t move according to their nature turn brittle and stiff.

Remember that the next time you are watching T.V.  night after night. Get off your ass and move. Live the life you were given don’t waste it in a lazy stubborn attempt to take the easy path. Life is not meant to be always easy. Then again it is not meant to be hard either.

It is you choice, move and live or sit and die a slow painful death of mediocrity.



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