Modern Food Technology

Have you ever taken the time to wonder just how much technology has removed us from our roots? We as a human species have been hunter-gatherer’s for most of our existence. If you were to take all of modern human time and imagine it as a football field 99.9 yards of it would be us as hunter-gatherer’s. A few inches would be since the ‘so called’ agricultural revolution’ stared and the advent of modern technology, i.e. the internet, automobiles and such would be the last few millimeters.

Where did we go wrong? How did our health go so sideways? Why is a large percentage of the “developed” world having health problems like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and such? Through my own experiences and experimentation with the Paleolithic way of eating I am starting to think that we strayed off course as a race (modern humans) because of the advent of agriculture.

But you might say that agriculture freed people to invent and build our modern society because a few could feed many. That is true but at what expense? So many of us are sick of diseases that are caused by our bodies being unable to process and use “foods” such as grains, dairy.

The human body evolved over time to eat meat, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetable matter, all things that were for the majority of human time here on this planet eaten by our ancestors. It is a simple matter really of putting the fuel in our bodies that run it the best. Yes you can eat fast food and survive but that is all you will do, you will not thrive and be healthy.

Just watch a movie like “Supersize Me” if you don’t believe me. The products of modern food tech have made a monster that has killed hundreds of thousands if not millions in the last 60 years. The modern agri-business is slowly poisoning everyone. Follow the money on this one.

I have some faith that things will turn around just as my health is slowly but surely improving because of the simple elimination of agricultural products from my diet. There is hope that one person at a time with the power of their collective dollars will someday out power the drug/agri-business/government cartel that is currently holding the food supply hostage.

Vote with your dollars and your food choices. Free yourself from the addictive substances like wheat. If you want an eye opening view of the biochemical reasons to do so please read Rob Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution”. It has changed my life and my way of thinking on this subject.

Be Well.



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