More on modern food technology

Today I read a report that estimated that 366 million people worldwide have diabetes. Can you imagine that, all those people that are probably going to follow the advice of the established allopathic medical community and just get worse instead of better?

What you say JP? Why shouldn’t the sick and infirm follow the advice of their doctor? It is simple really, because most doctors in “developed” countries are educated by the medical /drug company industrial complex. This along with our Neolithic diet has brought society in general to a place where it is “normal” to be sick.

Doctors in modern times have been educated into a system where they throw drugs at every condition. Heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, you name it, there is a drug for it. A drug that was researched and manufactured to make money for the drug companies. Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t think that all drugs are bad, but if you eat the way our ancestors did most of those drugs are really unnecessary.

There is bound to be a shift in the “mainstream” of thinking someday that is not normal to grow progressively weaker as we age. Look around you the next time you are in public. People are ageing faster than they used to. The weak and infirm make money for the system. Don’t be one of those people. Spend your money on good food instead of medicine to counteract poor nutrition.

As you get into your 40’s you start to think more about your health and what it means to lose it, I am now taking concrete steps to ensure better health. I might age, but growing old…Never! Our Paleolithic ancestors did well if they did not die of some mishap.

Bones of older people from that age have shown that they were in good shape even into “old age”.

Why is that you might ask? Because they moved, something in our modern society we have forgotten to do. Now people retire and kick back and degenerate because they don’t move enough. That is a death sentence. Humans are made/designed/evolved (whatever your belief) to move and breath and live. This is a simple truth that has been overlooked by Neolithic humans.

So today, put down the bread; don’t eat the foods that give you heartburn (step away from the Tums). Your body is trying to tell you something there…and go for a walk.

Be Well,




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