Chronic Disease: A global pandemic

In today’s Seattle Times newspaper I stumbled on an article with this title. It just told me that the last two blog posts that I wrote were right on the money. Part of the article states the following; “New cases of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung cancer are exploding throughout the world, even in the poorest countries. These conditions account for 63 percent of death globally and 30 percent of those deaths are occurring in low and middle income countries. Chronic diseases are also incredibly disabling and have a major negative impact on economic development”.

63 percent, I want you to think about that number of people that is. It a staggering amount of people that are dying each and every year due to our food supply being changed from a hunter-gather type of diet to a grain based way of eating.

The fact that almost half of those deaths are occurring now in low to middle income countries tell me that the problem is spreading beyond the “affluent” western world. News like this just reinforces my personal decision to live to the best of my ability a Paleolithic lifestyle.

Biochemically grains are poisonous to humans. But economically grains, corn and other such crops are cheap to produce only because governments subsidize the growing of them. What do you think would happen if they were replaced with more grass fed meat, fruits and vegetables? Over time you would see the statistics fall. Health would improve, healthcare cost would fall and people would be generally much healthier. (Not a good thing for the medical industrial complex)

The other thing that needs to happen along with this change, is that people need to move more. Any movement would help. Walking, sports training of your choice…just move. Keep those statistics in mind the next time you decide to have that bag of chips and sit and watch television until you fall asleep. You are inviting death just that much quicker.

Math and biochemistry do not lie. Educate yourself, seek your own answers and find what is right for you.

Bell well this weekend.



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