Don’t get me wrong here…

Don’t get me wrong, but there are some days that I would like to knock out some of the people that are around me. Their air of “superiority” is infuriating. The problem is that I don’t even really know why it bothers me. Nothing has changed really, but I guess my attitude towards them has.

I do not feel that there is a single human being that is beneath me on this planet. From the wealthiest or smartest or to the poor soul on the corner begging for work or money for food because he is hungry. On the other hand I do not like the feeling that some try their best to convey that they are better than you.

I try my best to remember something that my Marine Corps drill instructor said about officers one day. He said, “Officers are no different than you are, they put on their pants that same way in the morning as you do…just not as fast”. His point being that we are all the same, you know people are just people.

They are NOT better than me and I am not better than them. That attitude makes me different from them. Different is good. I like to be different in fact I thrive on being different. Let’s just say that some of my skill sets set me apart from the egg heads that I have to interact with. It is like being a sheepdog among the sheep. Quiet and ready if the need arises.

But some of us seem to think that they are better just because they may hold something above your head. That on certain days gets on my nerves, today being one of those days. I have to remind myself that “They ain’t shit”. The only thing that others hold above you is what you permit, nothing more and nothing less.

As I do my thing at work I am struggling with this again. They are just people, with some of the same struggles that I have. And I bet they still don’t put on their pants as fast as I do either.

Go have a good day, despite the assholes in your life.



2 thoughts on “Don’t get me wrong here…

  1. Relax Old Friend.
    You know the answers.
    Yes, you are the same. Equals. You have a great attitude. You are a quiet leader keeping the followers(sheep) in line and safe. That’s why your there.
    You are stronger and much more capable.
    The trap to avoid falling into is: Seeing yourself as other wish you to see yourself.
    Try not to do that. Know yourself as you do, nothing less.

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