The end is near

Well the end of summer in the Pacific Northwest is anyway.

As the angle of the sun changes, the temperature drops and the leaves on the trees start to change color; there is a reminder of times past. Our bodies see this is in a different way though; times are the same as they were a million years ago.

The season’s change, hormones in our systems change to accommodate the changes in light levels, temperature and food supply. A big problem with our society in general is the amount of light that we take in year around. There is simply too much of it. There is also way too many handy simple carbohydrates to eat as well.

Look at the rest of nature’s animals (which we still are despite what one may think). What do most mammals do in the summer? They are exposed to lots of daylight and they eat as many carbohydrates as they can to put on weight for the time when they hibernate or at least don’t have that type of food source available.

In the winter months the extra fat put on by the carbohydrate binge is used as fuel to get the animal through the winter. For people this worked fairly well until we started to expose ourselves to “summer” year around.

How is that? There is an overabundance of artificial lighting for to many hours of the day for one, far too many carbohydrates for the other. Think about the holidays for a minute. The fall and winter months are a time of lower light levels, a time of year that as people closer to nature we rested more and ate less, depending on the extra layer of fat that we put on during the winter.

What happens now between Halloween and New Year’s? You know don’t you! Not enough rest, too much artificial light (artificial summer) and eating candy, potatoes, bread, alcohol and all sorts of other things that we should probably avoid to keep our insulin levels down. But we do the opposite and then wonder, “How the heck did I gain 15 pounds?”

Once you look at this problem and yes it is a problem, from the perspective of history/biochemistry it is an issue that is easily solved. One person at a time, our collective health can be improved if we follow the rules that nature has established for us.

More to come…

Go outside and get some real sunlight while it is still out and step away from the carbohydrates, it is time to give them a rest until next summer.




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