It is contagious as any disease

Anger, fear, unrest, malaise and all other such things are just as contagious as any virus, because in effect they are viruses. Just as any other feeling that can be passed to other people. The good feelings of laughter and happiness are also just as contagious.

It seems these days that as time marches on and more and more people are disenfranchised from what many think of as success, the virus of ill feeling grows. The example of the “Occupying Wall Street” has of this writing grown to over 250 cities in the United States. I see this and I have to ask myself “why are people so angry”? The answer is simple. For years people like me have worked hard, been law abiding citizens and raised their families. They have tried their best to save for the future when “someday” they “might” be able to retire.

These same people (I include myself in this group) have watched time and time again the super-rich get away with the financial equivalent of murder. I know that my 401k has taken a huge hit. I consider myself lucky though as at least there is still money in it. Many have not been as lucky. They have lost it all. Years of saving and being good citizens just to be stolen from by those who continue to break the laws of our country because they have good lawyers.

Yes a few go to jail however; the majority of those who are bilking the system are getting away with it year after year.

But I digress …

I can see it in the way people drive, the way they act in public and how they talk to each other. There is anger and fury in the air. Society is growing angrier every single day. There is a continuing outbreak of the contagion of fear and unrest. This unrest is growing into something. The virus of anger is being passed faster and faster to more people every day.

People are scared of what is coming even if they don’t know how to voice it are not sensitive enough to really know what is going on. They are unsettled by others and the viruses that they pass on. If you don’t believe me go out in public and observe people and you will not only see but feel the undercurrent of rage that is growing.

That rage is going to transform to violence soon. After all humans can only keep themselves in check for so long. They can only feel powerless for so long until they finally burst. Don’t believe me? Read a history book, there are plenty of examples of the common man’s rage that has changed nations.

Two examples of elitism that have backfired on the “elite” are the American Revolution and the French Revolution. The few trying to take advantages of the many, weather through a dictatorship or resource management that favors the super-rich, it matters not. The results are the same. I can feel the change in the air. Can you feel it coming and will you be ready to ride out the storm of unrest? Think long and hard on this, because your personal safety and the safety of your family might well be at risk.

Be Well,



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