Old school New school

This last weekend my wife and myself were doing some browsing through some of the downtown shops, one of those shops was an antique store. In the shop were things that were very old, some of the items I can remember from when I was a child and absolutely nothing new school but the computer at the front desk.

The feel and textures of things made in the past made me think about the world as it is now. It makes me gloomy to think about how many things are designed in the present to be thrown away. It does not need to be this way though; I am example of living in both worlds. I have some “old” things and “new” things; the common factor here is that I take very good care of what I do have.

You see I grew up in a small town and my family did not have money like some of the families in that time. What I had was what I had, so I learned from a very early age to take care of my possessions. The personal items that I have, my home, cars etc., are all taken care of. Even the not so quality stuff I have is taken care of and made to last.

The generation that I helped to bring into the world knows nothing of taking good care of their stuff, it is easy to throw away what you don’t want or is broken and get another one. It is such a waste that kind of thinking. If you don’t need something anymore, recycle it, give it away, sell it but, if you can possibly avoid it don’t throw it away! There is value to most everything, especially if it was taken care of.

The trip to the antique store was a good reminder that old school can be just as good as or better than new school. Will that Ikea table in your house last as long as the antique table my wife has from her grandmother? Sure it will, if it is taken care of. Maybe things are not built as sturdily as they once were but that should not stop anyone from discounting its worth.

That goes for elders as well. “Old” people have a lot of things to share to those of us who can slow down and listen to them, wisdom beyond compare. Please don’t discount things or people just because you think they are old and have no value. Someday each and every person who reads this will be old, but if you take good care of yourself and your things, both of you will be around for a good long time. There will be time enough to share your value and pass on your possessions to those who will appreciate them the most.

Be well.



2 thoughts on “Old school New school

  1. Your post reminds me of how you were with your books when we were young. As I recall, most books your collection were in fine or at least very good condition. I was amazed at how well preserved they were.

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