The Corn Field

Andrew walked slowly through the corn field that sat on land his family had owned for nearly a century. Sadness and departure from his pain was all that Andrew could think of. His pains were many. An ex-wife who had divorced him, but even worse, had turned his children against him. Ellen had poisoned their minds against him in the worst way possible.

Andy JR. and Julie thought that their father was a heathen and a monster. Now the kids were grown up and about to have kids of their own. Again a wave of sadness came over Andrew; he knew in his heart that there would be more missed birthdays, Christmas holidays and important events that he would miss in his grandchildren’s life, just like he had missed them in his children’s life.

This was the last line in a series of disappointments and failures that Andrew could no longer hold up under. Life was just not worth living without his children/grandchildren and some happiness in his life. Walking through the field Andrew arrived at his destination, a clearing with a small storage shed used during the harvest that is where they would find him in a few days from now. He was sure the migrant workers that his father liked to hire because they worked on the cheap would get a big charge out of finding his remains.

No matter, Andrew no longer felt hopeless and powerless. He had made a decision and was going to take it to the end. Andrew was going to find peace and solitude where the pain of this life could no longer haunt him or his dreams and thoughts.

The wait was over and the time was now. Andrew took the .38 caliber revolver out of the pocket of his overalls and looked at it for what seemed like the thousand time. This time though there was no voice in his head telling him that he had anything to live for, to strive for, it was over for Andrew.

Sitting down on a stump next to the shed, in the clearing of the corn field that his family had owned for nearly a century Andrew said a pray to God, the Angels or whomever might be listening for forgiveness.

The bullet cleanly entered the left side of Andrews’s skull and destroyed the person who was once Andrew. There was no one to witness this end of a tragic life but a scarecrow and of course the three crows that looked on with disinterest.

Happy Halloween,



2 thoughts on “The Corn Field

  1. Poor guy. Suicide is the final solution to what are almost always temporary problems. I’m amazed by what people can go through and still survive.

    1. Just a story for halloween that popped into my head. There are elements of myself and other people both alive and dead to fill out the feelings that my words tried to convey.

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