A change of approach

I have just finished a book by Frank Forencich titled “Change your body, change the world”. In this book the author talks about many subjects such as Paleolithic anthropology, human relationships, play, conservation, happiness and many other seemingly unrelated subjects.

The author is a long time martial artist, nature lover and student of the human condition. I am all of these as well so I found his words and ideas resonating with me on a very deep level. From this book I have drawn and am now incorporating ideas that should on the surface be common sense.

I say they should be common sense and they are but in our world of distraction, noise, both mental and physical and general rush to get ahead in our modern society we have forgotten many important lessons that nature has for us.

Nature has many teachings if we just slow our thoughts, move our bodies and become aware of the stillness and majesty that the outdoors has for each of us. In the last one hundred years we have become indoor cave dwellers and have forgotten how to live in the outdoors. We have forgotten what it is like to be cold, or warm, we live our lives behind walls that insulate us from nature and each other.

It is no wonder there is so much depression, angst and general anxiety among people now. We are isolated from one another on the levels that we need to really relate. In his book Mr. Forencich has many explanations for our difficulties and a solid approach to solving every problem he has identified.

I will not ruin for you by giving too much away, but I would encourage anyone who reads this post to please consider reading this book with an open mind and heart. There is so much I have learned from it, the author has opened my spirit to things that I did not even know were wrong in my life. He has given me answers to questions that I did not even know that I had. My mind has been opened a little bit more to other people and to the greater world we live in.

Humans are wired to relate to each other in a certain way, a way that we are forgetting rapidly in our modern society. Read this book; remember your heritage as a human being. Be proud of who we once were and on many levels still are.

Be well and get outside today,


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