You’re not as young as you used to be.

I have to be completely honest about something; I hate the statement “You’re not as young as you used to be”. I hate it with a passion when it comes to my age and work. Let me tell you something. I am not that f***ing old ok!

For some reason people seem to think that only 20 something’s can do the kind of work that requires a brain. Not true readers not true. Most people that are around my vintage have been doing the same work or something similar for a long time. They have figured out how to be efficient and adapt to the changing workforce. I am no different in that regard.

The reason I am even writing about this is simple, I am thinking of finding other work. Frankly I am bored out of my skull with what I am doing and find it kind of pointless to be honest. That is when I hear it…

“You’re not as young as you used to be”. Really, no kidding, I guess that I had not noticed. Let’s be logical for a minute here and examine that far overused statement. The government is talking about upping the retirement age for Social Security to 67. The economy the way it is right now requires employers to hire people who have experience if at all possible, training is expensive and time consuming. Jobs of the past that took a lot of physical strength (hence youth) are now gone due to technological changes.

There are many arguments that I could make but the three examples alone should be enough to make my point. I will put my experience against anyone coming out of college with a degree. A piece of paper is just not that impressive to me at least as experience and time put into a field of work is.

I don’t begrudge anyone an education, but if you think that someone who has decades of experience is not as suited as someone with a degree, then you reader are mistaken. College does not make you smart, that comes naturally if you are lucky and through experience if you are like me. Rant completed.

Since I plan to be very old someday and would like to be able to work and will probably have to due to the economy…

I am going to be looking to move on from my line of work or at least this particular job in the next few years. I am not too concerned about timing right now and I refuse to listen to those who would say that I am too old. That is thinking from the past and as time goes on and our workforce here in the United States continues to age, the paradigm will change. For me it already has.



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