A year of blogging


This last year has been by all accounts interesting in some ways and ordinary in others. I started last November about this time with this blog and expanded to yet another blog. I ran that second blog until I realized that I did not always have the time or words for two sets of differing blogs.

The blog that you’re reading now is really about what I think about things in my life or people or things that I encounter. I have tried to make the reading interesting or at the least palatable to read.

I have been looking back the last few days on what I have written and observed my progression both through the year and the change in my writing style. Writing is a creative outlet that I got into timidly and have found myself growing to love, the more I do it, the more I want to do it.

Writing is a skill like any other, you get better at it with practice. Practice makes perfect so the old saying goes. Perfection is not my goal in putting my words into this media, but sharing something of myself is. Sharing some but not too much, to relate to my readers and show others that they also can be more than what they are. Creativity is not always easy but it is worth it.

Journey’s in life, at least in my experience tend to lead us in a wondering direction, like a river, not in a straight line of progressions. Time is not a straight line and neither are our lives. We make choices everyday that could lead us in any of a hundred different directions or outcomes.

Our lives created by our choices are like branches on a tree or the eddies and back currents in river. My point here is this. What I write about is for the most part what I am thinking about at any one time that I decide to put hands to keyboard. My choice of words are influenced by many things as are yours. When you woke up this morning did you know what you were going to say or to whom?

Think on this, choices, paths, words and deeds. You never quite know where life is going to lead. Enjoy the ride, live your life with as much integrity and honesty as you can muster. Don’t worry about those in your life that don’t like the way you live for they don’t really know who you are unless your tell them. Share what you feel comfortable sharing and keep your own council when it suits you to do so.

Here is to my second year of blogging.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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