Tonight I had a long talk with my long time (early 90’s forward) martial arts instructor and friend. He is holding a series of seminars this next year and I talked at length with him about what ones that would be a good fit for me.


I am at a point in my life where I need to progress as a martial artist. Being a martial artist in this day and age, any age for that matter is more than being able to efficiently snap kick someone in the junk. The arts are far more than that, on every level from the beginner to someone who has been practicing for 50 years.


The martial arts are really about self-realization. To walk bodily upon this earth, to not fear or be feared by anyone. Being a warrior and martial artist is about being vigilant. Vigilance takes many forms, physical, mental, spiritual and psychic as well.


Today’s world, in many respects is dangerous but not as dangerous as it once was for the common man. Most of today’s feelings of fear are brought about by the news media that would have you believe that there is an attacker, rapist, murderer or arsonist under every rock. Vigilance and intelligence are key here. Think for yourself and look deeper that what is on the surface of what you are being told.


I am in this pursuit or martial/realization for life. I have always as long as I could remember wanted to be able to take care of myself and others that may need me. You see I was bullied as a kid and I felt the fear of others and the self loathing of not standing and facing those who would torment me.


As I got older and hopefully wiser I came to understand that bullies are really scared cowards with problems of their own. Those who would go out of their way to hurt others are to be challenged and that is one of the responsibilities of being a modern-day warrior/martial artist. Never to shrink from helping weaker or just plain helpless people in time of need.


Of course those of us with my attitude have to work within a legal frame-work that prohibits us from delivering serious bodily harm to the bad guys, but of course in a world where weapons are almost always involved that can change in an instant.


My sword is ready for some sharpening, I am readying myself for the next phase of my personal development into a world that can deal with death, but more importantly involves realization of the human spirit and its potential to change not only oneself but others as well.




One thought on “Reconnecting

  1. Interesting post. I was always way more interested in the philosophical part of the arts than I was in the physical techniques. The physical part kept me in shape and helped me gain confidence, but the philosophy helped me gain perspective, which I lacked.

    I’m glad you stayed with the discipline all these years.

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