A matter of perspective

On my last post I wrote about my phone conversation with my long time instructor. He has been active in the martial arts for 50 years. I have been in the arts for around 30 years with some long breaks. After my conversation I started thinking about perspective and experience.

Think for a minute about the viewpoint that you have compared to someone that is 20 years younger than you are. They get frustrated at things that to you seem trivial now, but if you think back at that time in your life, you were much the same. Time is not only the healer of all wounds; it gives the gift of both introspection and perspective.

Ahh… to know then what we know now. It is not to be though; we must all pay our dues and go through our personal mayhem’s in order to earn the right to this knowledge. There are no exceptions to this rule. As my instructor told me on Saturday evening, “The prize is earned by those who stay on the path”.

Realize he was talking about martial arts, but you could really insert any subject matter in its place, even just describing life in general. I have been observing those around me today with this in mind and I have made a discovery, not everyone has learned this lesson. Even people that are older than me have wandered away from their own pathways to perspective.

Distraction is everywhere these days, the news media, work, family, traffic to name a few. Perspective comes in the quietness of one’s mind, in the bright light of satori.



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