There is a concept in the martial arts that goes like this. Weapons, Vision, Mobility. Today’s post is about mobility and awareness. Last night I strained one of my ankles and am now having a mobility problem.

Turning the concept around I am going to use one of the models of taking out an opponent efficiently. In this case it is mobility. Since I am not as mobile as I usually am I have to make sure that my usually wide awareness field is even larger. Why is that you might ask? Reaction time, just like when you are driving, the more following distance you give the driver in front of you, the more reaction time you have.

In the unfortunate circumstance of being injured, even if it is temporary, your reaction time must have a wider buffer when you’re not able to move as precisely as you usually do. Predatory people out there in the world see the old, weak or infirm as ripe pickings for the taking. Predators don’t go after those who they perceive as strong, aware or armed.

That being said I don’t think that there is a bad guy under every rock, but it never hurts anyone to be prepared in case of emergency either. Awareness will keep you out of a very large percentage of all the trouble you might ever get yourself into. Trouble that includes explaining to the police/prosecuting attorney and judge why you put a hole in that person who attacked you…

Mobility or the lack thereof is a good lesson in heightening one’s awareness of their surroundings in order to give oneself more time to respond to danger. I have been injured before and have even written a paper for the WRCMA (Washington Research Council of Martial Arts) about this topic.

Life is full of lessons if we just open our perceptions a bit. Turning seemingly negative events (injury) into a positive (lesson on awareness, sharing in blog post) is what I try to do as much as I can. Negativity is a snare and it is easy to step into, again awareness of just that fact is one of the ways to sidestep that trap door into oblivion.

Work around your injuries as best as you’re able to, take times off if needed, but never stop the intellectual pursuit of excellence in your chosen art no matter what it might be.

Heal thyself,




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