Every year it gets more irrelevant

Christmas gets less and less relevant for me every year. Family calls and wishes a you a Merry Christmas. Year by year it seems to mean less and less to me. Maybe I am a Scrooge, maybe I am just getting cynical, maybe I just don’t enjoy the holiday because I don’t have small children in the house that seem to love Christmas so very much.

Small children have what makes Christmas somewhat enjoyable for me in the past. Driving around looking at the lights that others have decorated with and seeing the gleam in their little eyes. Bless them. Christmas was made for them. For us grownups, not so much, we don’t need the extra commotion and calories. Our bank accounts can use the rest as well. I guess that I am tired, it has been a long day and I am really not caring much about the holiday’s (holidaze) right now.

Tomorrow will be a better day after some rest and relaxation tonight, away from the noise and B.S. that revolves around this time of year.

If you enjoy the holiday’s then more power to you. I do not wish to be a downer. Enjoy your family, the lights but especially the little ones in your family, Christmas is for them.




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