Post Christmas thoughts

Something unusual has happened to me this year. The “usual” kinda goes like this…

From Halloween to New Years I am generally in to say it politely an unsettled mood. I have written in other posts about how much I don’t really like the holiday’s. That being said, this year I did not feel like that at all. This year though I have found myself getting into a funk after the main holiday is done and over with.

It is entertaining how the human mind works. A bad mood is a bad mood, if it lasts for a few days or two months. I have had so many years of feeling grouchy at the end of the year that it had become normal. Now that seems to have changed and I am struggling with not only the how but the why of it.

Maybe age has something to do with it? Who knows really and is it that important? There is so much on my mind right now. I am burning vacation days right now and probably have too much time to think. The next year is going to be one of change, changes that are going to direct the course of my and wife’s life as well.

I am thinking of ending some life long pursuits and replacing them with new ones. It is time to re-evaluate my life and make some changes to it. Course corrections are needed and thought on the subject will be key before any decisions are made.



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