Time off isn’t vacation



This week I have been on “vacation”. But as the week goes on and I am not really relaxing, it occurred to me that time off is not vacation. I need a vacation, time off I can do anytime. Money and other constraints have kept me from a “vacation” for far too long. I am not whining here if that is what it sounds like, no, I am just stating the facts as I see them.

I did get to see my daughter today and I did enjoy that. She is about 7 months pregnant with my first grandchild. I am excited about that and it was good to see her again. Time is going by far to quickly and as my old friend DC5 told me via text message yesterday, doing some serious evaluation about what I want out of life is needed.

What is really important to me? Now that is a good question. What is? Instead of a quick answer that would pop out of anyone’s mind or the mouth of anyone reading this, maybe reflection and a lot of it is called for before honestly answering this conundrum.

This last year I have been caught up in events (direct family) that have been mostly beyond my control. The situation(s) have taken their toll on my attention span. It is almost a new year and some things are going to have to change.

A good idea reflection is, time that I have now even if I am not on vacation but have time off to think about it.

Be well,




One thought on “Time off isn’t vacation

  1. Congrats on the grandchild. Wow! Your daughter was just a tot when I first met her.
    I agree with your thoughts on time off. It really isn’t a vacation, especially when things are weighing heavy on the mind. I’ve been off work four days and am already dreading a one day return before having two more days off. Problem is, I want to be completely off, not just off for a few days.

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