Museum of Glass


Today my wife and I made a little side trip to a place that we have talked about going many times. The Tacoma Museum of Glass. Now we really like glass sculpture and the local artists from the Northwest are well represented at the MOG.

The first thing that we noticed upon going into the facility was just how small the exhibits were. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice and we enjoyed them, but there was not much to look at really for the high price of admission. There were also live glass blowing demonstrations going on, the problem was there were so many people in the place that you could not really see with your own eyes what they were doing.

The MOG did however provide TV screens for us since we could not really see the action. How considerate of them…

Ah, now the best part, well two parts were these. “I am sorry sir, but photography is not allowed”. What you say? That is like going to a zoo and not being able to take pictures of the animals. The other and far more exasperating part of our visit came when we walked into the second of two galleries.

Apparently we walked in at the “end” of the exhibit and the staff person told us that ,”it would not make sense” if we were to view it that way. Ok we thought no worries, we turned around went back the other way, entered the exhibit the “right” way and then looked at all the nice glass baubles.

I commented after my wife afterwords, we were looking at glass, not learning physics. The staff persons upper crust snobby, artsy fartsy bullshit really put us off and going through the exhibit the “right” way did not help much either.

But the best for last, the gift shop. Mind you I have done a fair amount of shopping in places like this before at zoos, wildlife parks, national parks etc, etc. But the prices in that place were totally off the scale for working people. So in short we did not have that great of a time and generally our visit was an epic failure.

If you are ever out in Tacoma, Washington doing the tourist bit, do yourself and your wallet a favor and stay the hell away from the Tacoma Museum of Glass. Frankly it was and is a waste of time and money…rant concluded.




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