Intermittent fasting

The last couple of weeks I have decided to try something that I have read about in several Paleo eating/lifestyle books. The last several months I have been eating a very clean Paleo diet and have had some success with the way my clothing fits (looser), however my weight has only come down a little.

Upon some reflection and further reading I decided to try some intermittent fasting. What is that you ask? Intermittent fasting is simply not eating for some part of a day. The length of time fasting is random as is the number of days in a row.

Our hunter/gatherer ancestors probably were forced to do this all of the time. Think about it like this, they killed a large animal and ate like crazy, putting as many calories in as they could. Another day they might come across berries in season, yet another series of days they might not find anything at all to eat.

Intermittent fasting is built into our DNA. Our bodies run best on fat and protein with some carbohydrates in the form of plant matter in for good measure. I have noticed that I can go for long periods of time (almost 24 hours now) without eating and my blood sugar stays very consistent and my stomach does not even growl.

This kind of fasting has enabled me to lose more around my waist where my fat loss seems to be at its most stubborn. This experiment I am doing on myself also has me thinking, where did eating three times a day come from?

The answer is really quite simple, if your body runs on a typically high carbohydrate diet (sugar, bread, alcohol) then you need to eat often to keep your blood sugar at a high enough level for your brain to not go into panic mode and demand more fuel. This is not even taking into account the fact that processed carbohydrates act like a drug in receptors in our brains. For you paleo eaters out there, give intermittent fasting a chance, it is not that hard if you don’t overdo it. Go easy on yourself; it is an exploration, not a contest to see how long you can go without eating.

Be well,



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