Slowing down

During our inclement weather here in the Pacific Northwest I discovered something quite to my delight. I learned that I could slow down and enjoy life without the entire constant barrage of electronic communication and bright lights. I found that I could nap some and still sleep very well in a darker than usual room. The lower temperature in the house was delightful for getting under some blankets and slowing down and spending time with my wife and dog.

After two days the power came back on and I found that I was not really enjoying the brightness in our home. The other thing that struck me was as soon as I got our cable back up, the internet devices came out and we stopped talking to each other as much. It was catching up on email/RSS feeds and news. I read one email and thought, screw this and turned off all of the computers that I use.

I have been working on not multitasking but I learned that I was failing that attempt miserably when I was confronted with comforting quiet and lower light levels. The whole experience has reminded me once again that most of our modern conveniences are becoming nothing but distractions from reality.

Reality should be balanced paleo meals, some work/play/rest and good sleep. I am going to be using this experience as a Launchpad to use my time on computers/internet as tools, and then turn them off.

The first step is to weed out email I don’t really need to look at; RSS feeds/ tweets to my phone and paying attention to how much time I am wasting on electronics. They are tools and should be treated as such. It is funny how it takes a snow/ice/wind and rainstorm and two days without power to remind one of such a simple truth.

It is time to slow down and I invite you to join me in doing so.

Have a wonderful and quiet day.



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