Rest in Peace

On Thursday I lost a friend to a massive heart stroke. He was only 40. Instead of spouting platitudes about how young he was for such a thing, I will only say that it was his time to exit stage left. It is that plain and simple, nothing more and nothing less. I will miss him as he brought humor and friendship into my existence both in and outside of work. Death is nothing to fear. Death is the other side of a perfect circle filled with life. Death is not the ending of life, but a beginning of another journey, a journey into the unknown and one not to be feared or loathed.

No one wakes up knowing that this will be the last day on the topside of the soil, death comes calling when it is ready.Ready to take you to the River Styx. It is our job to meet it with courage, honor and a sense of accomplishment. We leave others behind us and no longer need the physical things that this world offers.

Our stresses, problems and fears are over and the need to struggle, with it. Rest in Peace buddy and know that you will never die until the last of us that you touched have joined you on the other side of the river.



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